Pakistan Earthquake

Pakistan Earthquake 2023

Pakistan and India is top listed in the view of Scientist for the upcoming earthquakes in the year of 2023. After the dangerous and most powerful earthquake hit the Central Turkey and Syria with the magnitude of 7.8 to 8.0.

Astrologist and Geologist predict the earthquake hit the various states of Central Turkey and some states of Southern Turkey. This information was considered as the false news and the government of Turkey reject to accept such kind of information.

But after the severe short damages they realize the information given by them is authentic and pure.

Pakistan is Shortlist for Earthquake 2023.

Astrologist and Geologist said that Pakistan and India have same suspicion to be harmed by earthquake as it hit the Turkey and Syria.

But the Scientists of Pakistan are not accepting this news as it false or a planned for demoralizing the economic growth of Pakistan.

Pakistan also do not have same nature and characteristics that cause the effect of earthquake.

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